Semi-new programmer here. What is the POV on a joystick and controller mainly used for?

We have used it for things with multiple discrete steps, to increment/decrement among them. Examples include lifting one tote level for 2015 Recycle Rush and panning across the camera view for alternate goals, e.g. in 2012 Rebound Rumble. We used this (or something similar; perhaps it was keyboard driven) to step through the various stages of climbing for 2013 Ultimate Ascent; if all went well, you just kept clicking “up”.

At a somewhat less intuitively obvious level, the POV could be used to choose among up to four drive formats (e.g. arcade, tank, arcade-with-slide, or translate-with-twist), or to “shift up or down” among various maximum speeds.

It is essentially a group of closely spaced buttons, but only one of them can be pressed at a time. They have many uses, especially for a mechanism with a variety of settings.

Greg McKaskle