Pow and other functions are missing from Java ME

Hi all,

Recently, I have discovered that the Java ME VM that we are provided with to run robots with has a severely limited math library. In fact, comparing it to the fdlibm math functions available in C, it is quite pathetic. I was looking to change some C code for the function __ieee754_pow into Java code but ran into some issues.

I have found a math utility class written by CodeNameOne, a company that specializes in making it easy to write one program for many mobile platforms. It contains all of the fdlibm math functions which is extremely useful and adds useful functionality to a not-so-useful VM.

You can browse the source here.

Hope this helps somebody!

Alex Brinister

Pow and many other functions are implemented in com.sun.squawk.util.MathUtils.

Oh hey I didn’t catch that in the Squawk library! Thanks!

Alex Brinister