Powdercoating 2910 MK2 Swerve Module

Has anyone run into any issues powdercoating components of the MK2 swerve? Specifically the large base pulley? I am assuming there will be no issue assuming powdercoating adds 0.1-0.02" of thickness.

I would not powder coat it, bearings will likely not fit, among other things. Adding even 0.02 to something as high precision as that is not good.


This is certainly true, but depending on how you do your powder coating you could cover the precise features (as mentioned, mostly the bearing holes) with some sort of insert and remove it after the process.

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Anodizing would probably work better. IIRC their show model was anodized gold.


Actually speaking of gold, I vaguely remember seeing one of 2910’s display modules colored gold (I think) at girls gen.

@PatrickW, I assume you’d know how this was done? (Sorry for the ping)

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If you’re gonna powder coat it, invest in powdercoating tape, and silicon plugs. Tape over all profiles, put plugs in the bearing holes.

The gold module was anodized.


This is the only way I would recommend doing this, it takes a lot of time, and tbh it generally isn’t worth it, but if you are set on powder coating it is the way to go.

in my experience powdercoationg tape and plugs add little time to the powdercoating process. the biggest time sink is cleaning the parts, adding the tape and plugs is mabe 10% of the time spent prepping for powdercoating

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