Power Cable for Solenoid + Rookie Questions

Hello all,
Due to a small mis-hap we lost one of the power connections for our double- value solenoid and we plan on using it, does anyone know were we can get another one?

Also for plumbing, I didn’t see any compression fittings or barbs in the kit, would would you guys recommend we use?

Lastly just double checking we can only have one compressor correct?


B. Solenoid valves with a maximum ⅛” NPT port diameter, and a maximum Cv of 0.32 (if non-KOP valves are used, the team will be required to provide part documentation validating that the valves meet these constraints).
Solenoid valves that are rated for a maximum working pressure that is less than 125psi rating mandated above are permitted, however if employed, an additional pressure relief valve must be added to the low pressure side of the main regulator. The additional relief valve must be set to a lower pressure than the maximum pressure rating for the solenoid valve.
C. Additional 0.160” inside diameter pneumatic tubing functionally equivalent to that provided in the KOP, with the pressure rating clearly factory-printed on the exterior of the tubing,

These two rules generally have teams using push in fittings for tubing. Barbed fitting simply can’t meet the 125 psi and 250 psi specs.

<R69> Compressed air for the pneumatic system on the ROBOT must be provided by one and only one compressor…
This rule goes into more detail but essentially answers your question.

Thank You for the reply, that clears a few things.
Also does anyone know where we can get more solenoids? and/or a place we we could order parts (fittings, tanks, hose etc)?

There are some links on our team pneumatics page to online suppliers for some of the fittings and things.
Look all the way at the bottom for photos of fittings and links to online catalogs.

Thank you for that, very helpful page :slight_smile:
But, I still can’t seem to find a replacement for that solenoid wire…
also for ordering more solenoids can we do it right from Festo site?