Power cell belt system help needed

we are designing a conveyor like system using belts to drive the balls and would like to know if the KOP belts have enough friction to drive the balls through the robot and then up to the shooter?


I think they likely would, but try a quick and dirty prototype. Just get a few shafts, run the belts between some pulleys, and run it with a drill and test it out. Try considering using different pressures on the ball too.

thank you we will try that at tomorrows meeting

how much can you actually compress the balls?

I recommend trying it out for yourself, but I’ve seen teams recommending 2" of compression for shooters this year. They’re foam, so highly compressible, but by hand it takes a minute for the air to squeeze out on an undamaged ball.

sorry though for all the questions we live far away from a kick off event so we had to have the KOP shipped and haven’t gotten it yet so we have been unable to test but it is suppose to be here tomorrow morning

i need help with the belt system again i figured out that the normal belts would work but my design has the belt lead up into the shooter and we dont have the resources to program it to keep the balls at a certain distance. My question is when the balls reach the end of the conveyor and hit up against our safety( 4 wheels 2 on each side stopping them from going into the shooter) will it push its way through/ push out of the robot

edit we haven’t been able to test really how bad they compress.

It will probably just compress and stay in your system, which is arguably worse. You are very likely to get a jammed system if they compress too much, or are constantly up against each other. The balls are extraordinarly sticky.

Your bet bet would probably be to find some help figuring out how to program your bot to keep the balls from squishing together. I’m sure a local team in your area would be willing to help, if not, we have plenty of freindly people on CD here to help as well.

P.s. it’s hard to tell exactly what will happen without pictures, if you have any you could supply, that would be helpful :grinning:

i cant really get a picture right now but its shape is an L laying on its back with 2 belts on the top and 2 on the bottom

i will take to teams near me thank you

Best I can tell, they would likely just stay compress and stay in the system. If you could get pictures at another time, feel free the throw 'em up!

Great plan :+1:

ok i will finish the cad model tonight and put them up

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