Power Cell "Dust"

So, just the title. I haven’t seen any threads on the yellow “dust” that results from shooting the Power Cells over and over again. We noticed last week that we had strange yellow powder all over our shooter and our limelight (we assume it to be cheap paint wearing off). Should we be concerned with this “dust” getting into our Limelight or any components of the control board?

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We have had a large amount of this dust, but so far it hasn’t caused us any problems with our electronics.

Key word is “so far”… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Doing a search on “lemon zest” should do it for you.


Very wise words and if that ‘so far’ runs out at competition I will have to let you know :joy:

Yeah, we’ve got the Arkansas regional in 2 days, and we’re specifically worried about the dust clogging up the fans in the limelight. I guess we’ll have to see.

If I were you I would just vacuumed out the area every once in a while…I just dont want this to be a major issue at this years competition.

Here’s the main one so far

Yeah, we’ve begun wiping our shooter flywheels and shroud with shop towels, vacuum seems like a good idea.

Yeah i guess I didn’t look too hard… Woops

we just use compressed air to blow it out every match

Wouldn’t that blow the zest further into everything and potentially interfere with stuff?

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I agree! Unless you can separate the object being blown off, forced air is a quick superficial clean that amplifies problems by forcing undesired material deeper into crevices that it may not have accessed without forced air.

Could you put a piece of material over the limelight? I don’t know how much dust you are making, but we’ve found that a piece of polycarb works quite well.

Take a mini shop vac and vacuum it up after each match. We had to do this with a soft wheel that was peeling before we finally switched it to a harder wheel. It’s a pain but one way to keep everything the way you have it and not having to worry about it.

If I may ask, what kind of wheel are you using on your shooter?

We’re using two 4 inch colsons. And yes, we’ve also taken a shop vac to the dust.

Yeah, we’re just taping over the limelight openings.

Curious what is causing it then. Any idea what RPM you are mainly shooting at? I know us personally don’t have the problem with the dust but have seen it on robots in the area even though they are shooting very similar to the way we are.

We believe it’s cheap paint just flying off. We’re running our shooters at various RPMs, so I don’t think it’s the RPM, maybe its our level of compression.

we haven’t had any any issues, we usually blow it away from the robot.