Power cell ( game piece ) cheaper alternatives

Hello teams, hope you are doing great! So andymark balls are 11 bucks each ( 10 if bought in packs ) and, in addition shipping isn’t particularly cheap. So, has any team found a economic alternative? Thank you in advance!

Our team bought some Dodge balls from Amazon. They’re about the same price but there isn’t any shipping. And if they aren’t similar enough to the balls, we’ll return them.


Would you care to share a link?

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Here’s a link to the ones we purchased.

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Just a heads up, we had a bunch of these around for an old demo robot and they are the same in every way except they are much slipperier than power cells. I’d say they are only useful if you’re not shooting. It might even be a problem with certain intake wheels

Also is 6 inches not 7 inches like power cells


Those dodgeballs appear to be 6in, not 7. You might want to cancel that order. :grimacing:


just did, there are 7 in options on amazon that include free shipping https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DGE79EQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

more $ per ball but cheaper with prime shipping and will get them faster.

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We got these in 7"

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11 dollars seems really expensive but if you look around online most balls that are 7" and that have a coating on the outside (as in not just a ball made of foam) most of the ones out there are more than $11. If the power cells were 6" then we could be getting them for about $9 a ball.

No reason to buy them either. For saving less than a dollar a ball after shipping, I’d rather spend the dollar than lose in matches that cost $300 each because of testing a mechanism with an inaccurate ball.

Though, for running a low cost offseason event, the 100$ over 100 balls might be worth it? Probably not.


true, for what i’m seeing its better to go with official ones.

The official ones from andymark are cheaper than any of the options I’ve found for the same ball from the supplier with a different logo printed on it.


Search the Game Piece part number and you’ll find the OEM selling them at AndyMark’s prices (but without that swanky screenprint).

You don’t need to buy more than 4 more (less than one speed controller) to make a set of 5 to fit in your robot; we are going with a full half-field set, but that’s because we’re serving multiple local teams with our practice space.

If you’re shooting them, get the real thing.
If you’re dumping them, coating and weight/squish etc won’t matter, get them anywhere.

Any chance you could pass the part number you’re seeing along? Looking at the KoP breakdown it’s 1892-YEL, but that only brings up AndyMark.

Definition of Power Cell in the rulebook (when first introduced and in the table of definitions)


Link is titled “Blu” but leads to a selection to grab the right color

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They’re also available in FIRSTChoice, so make sure you utilize that!


Even then, the intake might vary, but perhaps you could be suitably confident with your one official ball.

I ordered six balls from AM today, with no qualms…and paid for them with my own money, not expecting any reimbursement.

Cool story

Not sure how this adds to the topic at hand in any meaningful way?

Unless you’re offering to do so for every team who asks you to, I don’t think this statement is at all productive. Not every team has mentors that are willing or even able to make out-of-pocket expenses on top of their other commitments. Just because you can doesn’t mean it’s a go-to option every team has.