Power cell ( game piece ) cheaper alternatives

I looked around for other balls that could be used, and found several that were not as good value as AM offers. And I like to support AM, they support us.

I guess the value of my post is subtle. Sorry about that.


Flaghouse 1892 is the Model, 7" diameter in size, YEL is the color code, and Medium Bounce is the style. They also are finished in Flaghouse’s “Dino Skin”. Warning, there are three bounce styles; low, medium, and high bounce, and they all are quite a bit difference on how compressible they are, and their fatigue after repetitive use.

Flaghouse sells in bulk packs of 24, which AndyMark also sells for the same price of $229, which comes down to $9.55 per ball. This is the best deal you will find, and it is the actual item.

If you are looking for a break in price but can’t swing $229 alone, get together with local teams, bulk order a case of 24 balls, and split the cost between teams for the correct balls.

Don’t cheap out then be upset when your manipulator or handling system doesn’t work because it was built around a different item.

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PSA for anyone ordering these from Flaghouse, it seems that they have an infinitely reusable indefinite 10% off coupon. Code is WELCOME.



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