Power Cells and LIDAR (demo)

I thought I would post this little LIDAR demo I whipped up. It’s fast enough to run on the roboRIO—the update rate is limited by how fast the LIDAR spins, not by the speed of the algorithm. We can get a very accurate measure of the power cell’s robot-relative position using this. Pointcloud smear is set up to be corrected with odometry from a V-SLAM camera fused with encoders.

This is mostly a fun proof of concept; if you want to replicate this then doing solvePNP on the ball is probably easier.

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is this using the rplidar a1?

Yes, the RPLidar A1M8 is pictured. This isn’t an endorsement of that product. Better 2D LIDARs are on the market at this point (we bought this one more than a year ago).

Understood, thanks for quick response. Good work!

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