Power cells jamming in lower port

I’m concerned that power cells fed more than one at a time into the lower port are likely to jam in the exit chute of the lower port. Section 4.4.1 of the game manual says “If a POWER CELL becomes jammed in the BOTTOM, INNER, or OUTER PORT, credit for the jammed POWER CELL is granted in the period during which the POWER CELL became stuck”, but that doesn’t account for the possibility that it may be jammed enough to prevent more power cells from being deposited. Especially looking for thoughts from people who have seen the actual field.

The video of the Loading Bay show slots where a stick can get in.

The Rockwell video also makes reference to and shows “motors that help sort the power cells”.

Of all the things that could lead to a foghorn, I think we can count the number of “the goal jammed and we couldn’t unstick” cases on one hand this year.


Photo DSC02146 of the WPILib Image Dataset shows the mechanism for preventing jams from a different perspective.

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