Power connectivity diagram Wrong?

Am I missing something or does the power connectivity diagram on the FIRST technical resources site show the Solenoid breakout board wired to 12v (and not to its own fuse). I had a Newer member wire the whole robot by the diagram and did a great job except only had the CRIo going to the 24v.

The solenoid card can be wired to either 12V or 24V depending on what type of solenoids you are using. If you are using 24V, just be sure to watch the power limits listed in the game manual.

The Robot Power Connectivity Diagram is correct for those teams using 12 volt solenoids. For 2013 there were two drawings, one for 12 and one for 24 volt solenoids. You can search for that drawing on archives or I can send you one if you need it. Under the Robot Rules, only one solenoid module can be connected to the 24 volt supply which is also used for the Crio. My recomendation is to “home run” a pair of wires to the PD if your are using 24 volt solenoids. (as opposed to the cRio connector.)

thanks guys…we have it all figured out now. I dont like that that diagram shows the two breakouts sharing a common power connector on the PD boards. Gets a little confusing for students not familair with all the rules. Also we have to homerun the 24v to the pd as our CRIO only uses the 2pin connector