Power Distribution Block Mounting

It was brought to my attention today that we need to include the power distribution block in the electronics this year. While I understand the motives be hind it inclusion of this new part, it is redundant and too heavy to be worthwhile on out robots. In any case I was trying to put it together but I could not figure out how. I opened the plastic bag that it was in (right out of the kit of parts) but there wasn’t a rail or anything to mount it on. The pieces do not stick together like legos or connect in any way I could figure out. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I found the DIN rail in the KoP, sorry for not looking throughly enough.

EDIT2: Does anyone know if I would be able to drill holes into the power distribution block and DIN rail (without interferring with the internals of them)? I’m over my alloted weight for the electronics and I don’t know if there is any way to take off more weight.

The DIN rail for mounting everything is in the Kit of Parts. http://www2.usfirst.org/2007comp_1735_temp/Drawings/Battery%20Power%20Terminal%20Strip%20R3.pdf will answer all your questions about how to put it together.

I have asked the Q&A forum whether we need to use ALL four of the red and ALL four of the black power blocks. I suspect an answer will be posted there shortly. Hopefully we will be able to access the modular nature of the Rockwell system to remove redundant blocks.


P.S. Don’t know what you are using to bolt the components down, but we use #8 nylon machine screws… that saves a bit of weight over using steel. Good luck.

I suspect the Q&A will allow you to remove the unused blocks. Individual blocks are fairly light weight compared to the whole system though.

We have set priorities on weight for each subsystem, and electronics is about the only area that gets to weigh as much as it has to weigh.

Right you were… the reply was posted today. It’s not a big deal… and pay attention to how many of which gauge wires can be attached to any given terminal… but it will save some space and weight.