Power distribution Block?

Hello everybody,
Our team has a question regarding the wiring of the electrical board. The schematics provided (1) show something labeled a “Power Distribution Block” between the 40A CIM Victors and the grounding stud. We don’t appear to have gotten one of these in our kit, and a slight problem has arisen in that we a)don’t have one and b)haven’t planned a space for it on our board.

With the exception of this one piece, our electronics board is complete, so there’s no going back now. We need to know if this peice will be required by the judges, and where we can aquire one. We can work without it if it’s unneccesary, but we really need to know whether not having it will get us thrown out.

Thank you.

In years past we tied right to the grounding stud with large ring crimp connectors for this connection. You will have to make sure the “ground” wires meet the min size requirements or exceed them for each victor. No common buss close and then one small wire back. Current out and current back will be the same. While this is safety and electrically correct you may get some heat from an inspector. Best best is to post this question on the official Q and A and take what is said there as gold and take a printed copy of the official answer (to competition) if it is yes.

The block is in the sensors bag I believe.

The power distribution block is a required piece of hardware when using the electrical systems shown in the attached drawing. The power block is a standard electrical block designed for three phase distribution. It has entry ports on one side for #6 and the other side for 4 #10. It is the best way to terminate power supply return wiring for branch circuits using the 40 amp circuit breaker panel and the associated Victors. It is a black plastic base with three silver metal blocks. Each of these blocks is secured to the plastic with a screw and the unused blocks can be removed for a weight savings.