Power Distribution Block

Do you have to use all the components for the Power Distribution Block? We have only two red blocks in, but the little yellow piece is made to bridge four of the red blocks, do we cut it?

You can cut it down if you don’t need all the segments in the PDB, but I’d hold off until later in the build season if you can. If you have a late design change and need one of those connection points back, you’d have to buy or scrounge a replacement for the yellow piece.

My team is only using two red as well. FIRST gives you four just incase you need it but you don’t have to use them all. Tin snips work really well for cutting them bc its a little difficult.

i agree with vhcook you might realize later on in the build season that you may need all four of the blocks.

I agree with the posts above. No one has mentioned the thin blocks yet this year. Those are intended to fully insulate the blocks. If you notice each block is open on one side. When you stack them next to each other they are insulated by the closed side of each block. The thin part is then inserted next to an open side to complete the insulation. The grey blocks are used to stabilize the assembly and hold it all together. Remember to strip you wires 5/8" before insertion. Try it with a single block in you hand. As you insert the wire notice that the wire will push all the way in and stop when the stripped end hits the plastic wall inside the block. When you tighten the mounting screw you will see that the wire is fully clamped and will not pull out.
Most teams will only use one 40 amp breaker panel and one or two smaller panels. Two red blocks are sufficient for that wiring since you can connect wires to either side of the block. However, most teams will use all four of the black blocks if they return high current motor power to the Rockwell block as shown in the Power Distribution Diagram. I recommend this method since it produces the lowest loss and gives the greatest voltage to the RC.