Power Distribution Board help

We received a faulty board from the kit of parts. We missed the deadline which was on Friday, but we were not aware of this till yesterday. Would we be able to get a replacement still, or will we have to buy a new board?

Are you sure that it is defective, I have heard of very few defective boards, is everything set up correctly to the power distribution layouts?

Worst they could say is “No”.
Contact the FIRST KOP manager, Kate Pilotte, directly to describe what has tested wrong with the PDP.

Be prepared to describe the tests you made to determine the PDP was defective and to carry out further tests should they ask it of you.

I imagine if you contact the right people and make sure that you have run into a problem with the board, they will probably let you have another. You’re a rookie, after all, and you don’t have half a dozen PD boards like most of us. If you can’t afford a new one and they won’t give you a new one, I’m sure you can find someone on here that will let you have one of their older ones, which work all the same.

The problem is that the 12V power connector is inverted. Were going to call them; If we cant get it replaced, should we take off the back and fix it our self?

How would I be able to contact the FIRST KOP manager, Kate Pilotte?

NO! Don’t fix it yourself. If you do, you can’t use it in competition anymore. (Read the rules about modifying electronics)

What do you mean the 12V connector is inverted? Are you referring to the 12V Wago connector? (For the router)?

That sounds…odd. Can you post a picture of what you mean?

Technically repairs are legal this year based off of R58. But I would try to get it replaced before attempting to fix it yourself.

Please report it to FRC HQ via Kate or Collin. They can’t fix things if they aren’t aware of them.