Power distribution board

Power Distribution board has light 12V and 24V on, but 5V light off. What could be the problem? Thanks.

Disconnect everything but the power inputs and re-check. Also, make sure there are no bits of metal/wire/etc shorting anything - turn the PD upside down and shake it, then clean it with air.

If the light comes on then, connect things one at a time to see which one causes a problem.

If the light is still not on, then something has gone wrong; consider getting a replacement. I have been unable to find a rule prohibiting the use of a team-repaired PD Board, but I’d hesitate to suggest attempting that. If your search of the rules also does not find anything prohibiting the use of a repaired PD Board in competition, them maybe try opening it up & seeing what you can see?

You also get that if your battery is too low and needs a recharge.

The 5v LED going dark was apparently a common problem in the last couple of years. We have a good 5 volt output on the power distribution board we’re using, even though the light isn’t on.

We had the same problem two years ago. Bad 5V light but good 5 V output.

Thank you all - just tested the 5v output is there. It seems that the LED light is the only problem. So we are not going to worry about it now.

Our PDB from 09 just did this, the output is fine but the LED kicked the bucket for some reason. Maybe I’ll crack it open and see what’s going on.

Erik van Wyk may remember but it seems that there was a component that was near an internal structure of the blue plastic overlay. In rough handling it (the component) could get damaged.

That’s consistent with the occasional unexpected flicker of our board’s 5v LED when someone wiggles or presses on a 40A breaker.