Power Distribution Panel vs Power Distribution Hub Port Numbers

Hi everyome,

If you have the new PDH from Rev, am I correct in my understanding that you can use all 20 40A ports as you see fit? While if you are stuck with the PDP, you only get 16 40/30A ports?

That is correct. There are no restrictions on using all the ports on the REV PDH.

That’s really surprising to me.

In a year of epic supply chain issues and delays, penalizing teams that can’t get the newest hardware which boosts your max number of motors by 25% while also allowing easy powering of 12V peripherals like processors or cameras without resorting to sketchy USB battery packs and COTS connectors seems like a mistake.

Strictly speaking, R619 doesn’t prevent you from putting REV 40A breakers in the PDP. It might be disallowed via the connectors rule, R623; a Q&A is in order here…

remember just because you can, doesn’t mean the battery will like you. or the radio…or the RoboRIO. the last 2 hates brown out.

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