Power Distribution Requirements

Is there documentation available detailing the circuit breaker and wire gauge requirements for the motors, sensors, solenoids and the other electrical components? I’ve searched the Ifirobotics and USFISRT sites and was unable to find any useful information. There was a time when these requirements where specified on the Robot Power Distribution diagram, but for whatever reason, it’s no longer included on the diagram.

Check section 5.3.9 in the robot section. You’ll see the wiring rules in one section and the next includes the circuit breaker rules. I hope that helps.

The power distrubution diagram (http://www2.usfirst.org/2006comp/Drawings/2006_ROBOT_POWER_DISTRIBUTION.pdf)](http://www2.usfirst.org/2006comp/Drawings/2006_ROBOT_POWER_DISTRIBUTION.pdf) does not contain wire gauge this year, however it does describe how all the wiring must be done. As stated above the rules section spells out exactly what gauges need to be used where.