Power distribution

Hi, we want to know if it´s possible to use this kind of plugs that you see in the photo. could we use it?
We have all the electronic system in a drawer, so if we want to take off the drawer of the robot, we are going to need disconnect the power distribution of everything.

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What are the electrical ratings on them?
If they are rated for 12+ Volts DC, then you’re fine. Must be DC rated to at least the amps you are using them for. If it’s for CIM’s, thats at least 40 amps (breaker rating), preferably more.

You put your electronics in a drawer? I would generally put electronics on perforated aluminum and have no connectors between each end, except possibly spade terminals on motors with built-in leads (CIM’s, the old Globe motors)

If those are the connectors I think they are, they are rated for 125VAC and are polarized with a center-pin ground. If they aren’t, they are probably AC rated. I don’t know what connector they are, so I am thinking of a connector I used to use in stage lighting (3-pin with offset center ground).

If you need to disconnect things, look into simple spade terminals. Keep everything labeled, and you will have no problems.

In my opinion, those would be OK. But please understand that my opinion is worthless at any competition.

You may consider using a connector that is a bit more capable of handling high amounts of electrical current (Amps), especially for motors (CIM, Fisher Price) and the compressor, because the loss in that connector may really hurt your ability to drive well.

Go to an electrician’s supply store and explain what you are trying to do (quick-disconnect for 40+ Amp circuits, 12 Volts DC, light & inexpensive) and they should be able to help you.

If you can get them, Anderson Powerpoles come in 45 Amp rating (they are a LOT smaller than the battery connector), we use them everywhere.

At the risk of giving away one of our secrets, I’ll second the reccommendation for the smaller Anderson Powerpoles. The PP45 size is perefect for what you want to do and can be arranged in endless number of contacts and configurations.

They are secure in their connection and if you want to really ensure they don’t inadvertently come apart, they make locking devices.

They also come in many colors (besides red and black) if you want to color code things.

Those appear to be pro lighting (stage) connectors. If they are, then yes, they would be capable of the currents and voltage on the robot. However, they are large and heavy as they are intended to carry large loads and high currents (as well as high temperatures). From the standpoint of this year’s game, the vibrations encountered would put some stress on the connections to the pins in these connectors. You will also need to insure that the connectors will not separate and expose the pins during operation. There are other, more suitable connectors but I am not sure they are available in your country.

Here is a good sourcefor the powerpoles (and crimpers) in the USA

Best advice: Any power connectors you use that aren’t included in the KoP should be accompanied by a data sheet showing that they are rated for the appropriate power levels.