Power for Driver Station

oh, ok. The wireless bridge power connector wire is pretty short, if you were at MWR, during the timeout you probably saw us reprogram, with the entire control console being held close to the bot.

OD is ~0.215"
ID is very roughly 0.080", our dial calipers were too fat to fit inside the barrel.

In one of our quarterfinal matches at FLR our robot was dead after a collision on the field. We needed to power up to be able to make sure all of our connections were corrected. The power was most likely available to you because they arranged it for us I believe when we asked for it. We brought our robot over and proceeded to power it up and check all the connections and motors. The volunteers at FLR were great in accommodating us during this time and I thank them deeply for this.

Since the radio power is on a WAGO connector, you could use a spare WAGO connector and connect it to a longer cable that goes into the DS. This way you can have a short cable for the radio, and a longer, more useful length for the DS.

This would be useful for us because our radio wire is really short and nicely ziptied, and it would be a pain to have to re-ziptie it each time.

Likely a “type N” power connector, thanks!

It’s size M. The size is listed on the KOP checklist as 2.1mmx5.5mm.

What we did with both the camera and WGA was cut the original power supply wires and use 1/4" insulated spade connectors on the ends. Now we can easily use either the original transformer or wiring on the robot. We’ll be doing the same to the DS power cord. After FLR we’ll be adding a set of wires from a fused port on the Power Board for the DS.