Power Kangaroo on Robot

I just got off the phone with the great people over at Cross the Road Electronics. They are looking into why our VRM failed but I want to ask the community their experiences.

We have been testing the Kangaroo on our robot since last season. We been powering the Kangaroo with the same VRM as install using the standard FRC installation. After further review of the rules this is a NO. As the only load on the VRM 12vdc 2amp port is to be the Radio. So we started to use a second VRM install on one of the 20amp PDP ports. After a few hours of vision testing the lights went out on the VRM.
So for you out there using a Kangaroo Mini PC are you powering the Kangaroo on the bot or are you plugging it in between matches in the pits? If powering it up on robot how? The Kangaroo has a 12v 3 amp rating.

Last year we used a kangaroo. We powered it in the pits in between matches, but also had a microusb cable plugged into the 5v500mA port on the VRM. Not enough to actually charge it, but enough to delay it’s death.

Not sure what happened with your second VRM, but the setup that you had sounds like it should work. Is it possible that there was some other issue that killed it (chips, etc)?

The VRM was new out of the box. No Machining or known source of contaminates since install. Only load was the Kangaroo. Lasted 1 hour maybe 2

Did you confirm that the kangaroo was actually being charged when it was plugged in to the VRM?

I assume it was charging. The issue and maybe I wasn’t clear is that the VRM is DEAD now. No lights nobody home.

Kangaroo 12v/3A required, VRM 12v/2A supply? Correct?

Can you just power from the PDP? or is the low voltage going to be an issue?

If you think it is going to be an issue, maybe one of these buck boost would be a good solution.

This is the same type of device we used to power the radios with.

Thank you for finding this I been look all over. Just haven’t got the search criteria correct. The 13vdc in will not be and issue?

We use one of these (https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00SM3UALQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1491012662&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=buck+boost) off of a 20A PDP circuit. Works a treat and charges it perfectly.

Is this the Kangaroo that comes with a 12 volt, 3 Amp power supply?

We have been using these mini-box DCDC-USB converters for years for off board processors (Panda, ODroid, Kangaroo, Arduino, etc.).