Power Outage at CAGE Match 2018

Yesterday during CAGE Match elims there was a power outage that impacted a significant portion of our area, including Southport High School where the event was taking place. Power was out for about an hour an a half, during which time the event volunteers did an excellent job maintaining safety and communicating with teams. In my opinion, they handled the situation exactly the way it should be handled:

  1. They used their sound system (tied to a generator) to make sure students remained seated, and played song requests to keep them entertained.
  2. They called mentor representatives from each team to a meeting in order to get a consensus on how to proceed.
  3. When the lights did come back on, they switched the remainder of the competition to single-eliminations to ensure that everyone was able to pack up and leave before it got dark and the weather turned bad. As mentioned above, this was done after asking for a vote from team mentors.

A huge shoutout to the folks at IndianaFIRST, FRC 1529, and all CAGE Match volunteers for making it an awesome event despite the unexpected setbacks! Thanks for all your hard work! :]

Am I the only one who read the title as “Power Cube Outage at CAGE Match 2018”?

I need a vacation from FRC…

It was quite the experience. The last quarterfinal round 1 match had just ended, the lights on the field were purple, and the gym lights went out.

I think everyone handled it very well, and I’d like to thank all the FIRST teams in attendance for being patient and understanding about something outside the competition organizers’ control.

For reference, the field and pits were on a generator, just due to the setup of the venue, vs the normal process of tying into the building power, so the sound and video was able to continue (though they had to change from building power to generator for the speakers).

One benefit of all this is that we are now working on a power loss contingency for the district event we are hosting in March. CAGE Match is a learning competition for all!

Looking at that picture, it looks like it would be really cool to play a match like that! I guess it would really make it harder to try to take control of a scoring element, since the “losing” side would be dark. Was it a lot darker than it looks in that picture?

New rule: All Robots must be equipped with a lighting system.

As someone who is no stranger to off-season disasters, I know how hard it can be to keep an event running despite calamities. Cheers to making it happen!

Here’s the match video from the power outage:

There was some talk of playing in the dark, however, it was decided not to as to keep people seated so no one fell.

Isn’t it ironic that we lost power during an event called Power Up?

I heard they were calling it FIRST Power Down, according to the students I talked to. :smiley:

Great job by all of the event organizers and participants dealing with a tough situation. The field looked awesome in the dark - I really wanted to play a few matches that way! All of our students had fun and we got to rotate out our drivers and operators so everyone could get some experience behind the glass.

I may not be a media person, I may not have had the best camera, but the power outage on the field looked awesome. I took a 30 minute video of it and my friend Evan made it into a timelapse.

Props to 1741 for letting me use their bot to prop up my phone to take this video.