Power Outlets in the Dome

Hey guys,

Team 1124 is planning on using laptops in the stands. We were wondering if there were any power outlets in the stands, and how long of an extension cord we would need to be able to reach the seats.

Can anyone fill us in?

I contacted someone at the Georgia Dome last year asking the same question and they said that are some across the walk way but we could not use extension cords due to safty reasons. We did see some teams use extension cords that went along the stairs, though. We did find one in the last row and had someone sit up there and input the data.

There are a few outlets at the top of the stands…we usually set up a table by one for our scouts/videographers and we share the juice with a multiplug or two…if we set up first, our team would be happy to share with you guys.
We will miss the closeness of Newton but are happy to see some Newton alumni making the treck over to Achimedes with us!

Hey thanks guys - we just might have to take you up on that offer.
See y’all there!

That’s my memory of power there too. be sure to bring a roll or 2 of good gaffers tape to tape down the power cord - that way safety (trip hazard) is not an issue.

Worst-case alternative: 12 volt inverter and robot battery.


We’ll be in the same division, so we should be close enough that it will work out.

Yeah, that’s pretty worst-case.

Think about it. These things are laptops. They don’t use 120VAC. They need power adapters to turn wall power into DC. So eliminate the middleman (and associated power losses) by using DC directly! You’ll have to check the output voltage on your specific computer’s power adapter first, but a pair of robot batteries in series yields 24VDC – exactly what my iBook wants.

There are outlets on every few support beams at the top of the first level of seating, some teams set up tables next to these posts and watch there and some run cords over seats down closer to the field its a personal preference but I have never seen anyone get in trouble for either during qualifying.

Last year in Atlanta we set up our scouting station at the top of the stands and we brought a power strip, which helped. Does anyone on Curie want to lend us a table or share one?

We’ve been using power outlets with extension cords in the Dome for two years now. We just duck tape the extension cords down so no one can trip over them. Also, brought a powersquid last year (so other teams can still use the outlet) and that worked out wonderfully. We haven’t had any issues before. You just have to make sure you find an outlet that’s turned on. :slight_smile: