Power Players at the Regionals

Out of curiosity…

Who were the ones that dominated on the field at the regionals?
Who should we all watch out for at nationals?
Who has the best autonomous?
Who had the best strategy?
What were some cool plays that you have seen?

GO 1403!!!

hmm…in Manchester, 121, 126, and 501 dominated in my opinion. 121 and 126 had one of the best offences i saw at that regional, they also won the regional w/ another team. forgot the number. 501 won the chairmans award, but there bot, was by far the best in defence, flipping over Buzz a few times. 126, gaule force was able to stack tw tetras at once, and 121 had a pretty decent autonomouus, which allowed it to stack a tetra on the side goal. 121 and 126 are teams you should watch out for, 501 as well, and if my team 1568 makes it, we are another team :smiley:


i think team 801 was an especially good team at the Peachtree Regionals. they were the number one seed throughout most of the competition. when allied with us, they did their job very well and used strategy effectively. their only loss came against us in the final match of the qualifying round but they managed to beat us in the semifinals.


**Who were the ones that dominated on the field at the regionals? **
217.237. 191. 494. 229 (it’s not thier fault they had a target on their back)
Who should we all watch out for at nationals?
217. 237. 191. 494.378.1126 (who will be much better after they play at Buckeye)1511 (once they get more matches under their belt they will play even stronger)
Who has the best autonomous?
237. 1126. 494. 191.
Who had the best strategy?
494 was able to play effective offense and play smart defense which makes them effective.
**What were some cool plays that you have seen? **
I would say the Division by Chicken pissing contest and of course the last match which will proably go down as one of the greatest matches in the history of FIRST.

at the BAE regional, The teams I thought were very good were of course our alliance partners 121 and 350. The teams that we payed close attention to and considered them as good possible picks were teams: 1027 excellent caping ability, very quick and clean. I also enjoyed talking with your team. 133 caping the center goal in autonomous mode opens up so many strategies. 157 also a great quick capper. 549 good robust robot, great caping ability. 42 can stack and obtain tetras quickly.

I would pay close attention to all the teams I mentioned above. They all will not go down without a good fight, and we know that. I can’t wait to see the teams atending UTC. Most of which are good veteran teams.

Team 401 (won VCU with 435 and 122) are fast cappers and have a great autonomous program but tip somewhat easily as 539 showed everyone. They also lose the tetras somewhat easily - I was able to stop them from scoring on the center goal by barely touching their red tetra with my blue tetra.

At Sacto, 245 was pretty scarry. They’re quick, accurate, high-capping, and their arm won’t break.

610 is quite the defensive robot since they’re small and wedge shaped. You don’t notice them until they’re right on top of you. The only downside is they attract a lot of loading penalties.

56 has an awesome autonomous that never fails and can work with or without the starting tetra.

actually 610 was quite good about not drawing penalites when i saw them. They didnt keep a bot cornered for long periods of time and also backed away when people went into loading zones

639 unfortunately [edit]most likely[/edit] will not be there at the championships.

i feel we had the best robot a Sac regional because we could play both defense and offense. In most of our rounds we caped almost all the goals. scoring 70+. One time we did not have a 3rd bot because they were having drive train problems (100) and it was 2 against 3 and we placed tetras on almost every goal scored 78 but we don’t get that much recognition, we did sweep the finals with our other teamates

Is there any chance you guys can raise the money to go. You truly deserve to go.

If we raise the money, we’ll go to the Toronto Regional. That’s been a team tradition since it started in 2002 and we wouldn’t miss that for the world.

Or the championship event.


To answer the thread question:

217, 229, 191, 494, 639
Everyone - it’s too early to tell
237, 494, 1559, 1126

217/229 stacking contest

VCU Regional:
401 has a great autonomous mode
1095 is a great capper, and fun to work with
384 is a fast capper as well, and fun to work with
447 has a very good design, and can carry three tetras at a time

Those are just the ones off the top of my head.

At the VCU Regionals, #3 seeded (seeded 3rd because they were 7-0-1 and the #1 seeded team was 8-1 and the #2 seeded team had more QPs) 401 is consistent in autonomous mode with their starting tetra, capping the side goal and knocking the hanging tetra down, and is a fast and pretty consistent capper.

Most people overlooked 122 at the VCU regional. My team, Team 401, #3 seeded alliance captain was able to select them during the second round of selections. 122 doesn’t have an auto mode and can’t pick tetras up off of the ground, but they consistently stacked tetras every round. They also have excellent drivers and a drive train that no one noticed.

My team, team 401, has an automode that works every time in which we stack a tetra on a back corner goal, knocking down the hanging tetra. We also have a turret design which allows us to pick up tetras and stack them on goals when our robot isn’t perfectly aligned. A previous post said we drop tetras and flip easily, but I was shocked by this post. We dropped a couple throughout the competition, but we’re able to right our mistakes in a matter of seconds. We flipped once, but the ref’s disabled 539’s robot so they must’ve seen some malicious intent. We don’t flip easily, and we are able to play great defense as shown in the one round where our chain fell off our arm’s sprocket. We drive with 2 4 inch treaded wheels at a possible 14 fps. We pushed one robot sideways away from a goal to prevent them from ruining our middle row. I can’t wait till national’s to see how we compare with robots from around the nation.

I was also surprised by 1610’s automode in which they came the closest to picking up a green tetra and stacking on the center goal. I never expected a rookie team to come that close.

Thanks to teams 435 and 122 for helping us win the VCU Regional… never could have done it without you guys.

As usual I heard that 254 did a magnificent job. Great job guys, when I saw your robot I had some flash backs to 2004.

GO 1403!!!

Team 126 is a force to reckon with. They have an extremely good robot.

Thanks for the kind words. The only damage our robot suffered the whole weekend was a spring clip on the master link snapping (we were still able to drive) and after being hit from the side by team 58, the hub on our wheel snapped, but that problem was fixed within 30 minutes.

I helped man the practice field at Peachtree, and I think the best robot out there was team 832, Roswell High School, who unfortunately did not win the event. But my personal favorite robot was the Raminator from Jackson Mississippi. I forget what team number it was though.

i agree… team 832 was awesome. we had the opportunity to play on the same team with them. 832 also had a pneumatic drive train system. i also liked the rams. i think they were team 462. they had a great design. i liked the flipping mechanism and their ability to stack high. i wish we would have had the chance to play with them. fortunately, the only time we had to play against them, we pulled off a win.