Power Point

Probably another silly question, but we’re leaning towards an electronic submition and we need to know for sure if Power Point is indeed submitted.

when FIRST said they wanted a digital medium, I thought they meant that they preferred CDs, VCDs, and DVDs over VHS tapes. I never really thought about doing a power point presentation. I don’t think there’s anything against it though.

Per Q&A:

Q: What software can we use to submit the chairmans award on disc? When will the 10 min time limit begin when viewing a disc?

A: Whatever you create should be an autoexecutable file (.exe) or it should be a common viewing format - .pdf, .ppt, .doc.

10 minute time limit begins when the first file opens.

So, it looks like Powerpoint(.ppt) is allowed. Just to play it safe, you might want to throw the free Powerpoint Viewer(available from Microsoft’s web site) onto the CD as well…

My team also was goign to do a Power Point presentation, but we got a Net grant and all new equitment to use at our high school. We’re making a CD-ROM video!! We wanted to do a DVD, but they wouldn’t let us submit it…Have fun whatever you guys decide to do!!


Last Year our team submitted a Power Point slide show sort of thing. It was o.k. We wanted to make it more exciting, so we are doing a video thing. But we do use Power Point for title clips and things.