Power pole connector between pd and breaker

I know I should be posting this in q&a, I wanted to see what you guys think.
I currently have the breaker wired with power poles on each end 1 to go to the battery and 1 to go to the power distribution board. This is to allow to have the breaker in a good position in addition to being able to remove the electronics board with ease. Both of the ends will be well marked, and it is mounted such that it is impossible to miss connect the power poles. I am wondering if this is legal due to rule R37 which states that the breaker must be directly connected to the PD board? Any feedback would be much appreciated!

D. The main 120-amp circuit breaker must be directly connected to the hot (+) leg of the ROBOT-side APP connector. Only one 120-amp main circuit breaker is allowed. This breaker must not be bypassed.

You answered your own question.

We did that last year and the inspectors didn’t say anything.

By Power Pole, I assume you mean the Anderson Connectors? The huge red ones?

Yep, and last year an inspector (at a preseason, admittedly) said that a relief valve that was in brass fittings away from the compressor was OK, when the rule said that the relief valve had to be on the compressor.

You might get lucky one year, or one event. At the next, you might run up against an inspector who knows the rules and enforces them as written. (In the above example, that was myself and the LRI.)

Besides the obvious “Last year’s rules do not apply to this year”, of course.

I’d be more inclined towards IndySam’s interpretation. However, I can see where it could be viewed as legal. Definitely Q&A it.

(Oh, and those big red connectors are Anderson Power Pole connectors. Either name should work…)

If I’m understanding his described wiring correctly, it may be legal, although I would seriously disagree with the design.

The way I understood it, the APP that connects to the battery does go directly to the breaker, there is just an additional one in the circuit allowing the PD board to be easily disconnected from the breaker.

I’m fairly certain this is legal, but I have to weigh in and say this is not a good idea. It’s far too easy to bypass, and an eager student might do so without realizing it, and thus its a safety concern.

In short, I believe it is legal by the current wording of the rules, but it shouldn’t be.

Indie left out this…
<R37> The 12V battery, the main 120-amp circuit breaker, and the PD Board shall be connected as shown in Figure 3-4. In particular:…
That doesn’t leave any room for interpretation, sorry.
Although it will make things easy for you, it adds two more contact areas to heat and fail, it gives you four more crimps and up to 4 additional feet of wire if you don’t cut the #6 to size. Those losses start to add up. You should try to minimize electrical loss especially in the primary wiring.

Ah, I missed that too. Yep, that just about seals it.

They’re actually Anderson Multipole connectors, specifically SB50 Red. Powerpole connectors are the smaller modular ones.