Power Poles Rules

Hello, a question. We could not get black and white power poles, but we can buy another color like green, but we do not know if it is legal or there is a rule that prohibits this.

While there is a rule (R624) that restricts wire colors for power distribution, there is no rule that requires specific colors for connector housings.


So this means you can use whichever color you would like, we stock mostly purple and white power poles for all our connectors.


There are no rules about powerpole housing colors.

Taking Yellow Hat off.


  • For your own team’s sanity and safety, have a standard that means colorA plugs into colorA and colorB plugs into colorB and (for NEO and NEO550) colorC plugs into colorC.
  • Unless you want to confuse your robot inspector(s), and don’t expect to need any wiring help from another team, make an attempt to have your housing colors match the wire coloring standards, because that’s what most people do.

Just ordered white ones from Powewerx on Thursday. Got here yesterday.

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