Power Port Challenge reintroduction rules

In section it says, “A POWER CELL is only considered scored if, as it scores, it is not in contact with a ROBOT and that POWER CELL has entered the Reintroduction Zone (via ROBOT, by human, or by rolling itself) since the last time that POWER CELL was scored.” Does this mean that a human can actually reload the robot at the Power Port and then drive all the way back into the reintroduction zone with the balls? I’m not sure if that would even be faster than a human running it back and feeding it in the reintroduction zone but it seemed like a strategy worth testing. They have a blue box saying you shouldn’t find a loophole to create a loop where the robot doesn’t move, but this seems to be the opposite where the human doesn’t move. Do you guys think this would be legal?

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I think PPC6 in section addresses this.

“Humans may only introduce POWER CELLS in the Reintroduction Zone which starts 22 ft. 6 in
(~686 cm) from the face of the POWER PORT representation (see layout below for details)”

Makes sense. I guess you could construct a funnel system to feed the robot at the port without a human but that seems against the spirit of the rule. Thanks!

Based on several Q&A responses, I believe it would be perfectly acceptable to

PPC6 States that: "POWER CELLS which land in the Challenge Space may be fielded directly by the ROBOT anywhere in the Challenge Space; they do not need to be reintroduced by a human or into the Reintroduction Zone. "

Later it states that: " Please note that scored POWER CELLS are only eligible to be scored again if they enter the Reintroduction Zone per Section Scoring."

So theoretically, you can load balls into the robot in the challenge space, but then the robot must go back to the reintroduction zone to be able to score those power cells. That is a loose interpretation of the rules, but it seems possible.