Power Spike Questions

Hey Everyone, Im part of the rookie team 2485 (W.A.R. Lords). we have run out of speed regulators and do not have the funds to purchase more. We still need to get two herding arms to move, so my question is what motors can I use the power spikes with. I know the window motor can be used, but I am not sure about the Keyangs, globes, or some of the other smaller motors. Also, out of the motors we could use, what would you recomend.

The Taigene is commonly known as the “van door” motor, not “window” motor, which is the Keyangs.

Actually, you could use a Spike with any of them, but the window motors would be the best because they move slow enough to stop quickly (by turning the Spike off). Also, the Taigene would work, but you’d still need a window motor (or a fancy linkage).