Power State Alliances at Champs

With most of the waitlist teams signing up for Champs, I thought it would be fun for the CD community to come up with a power alliance from the state that they are from. Doing this could provide some insight for different area teams. Here goes mine…


Captain: Team 1986: Provides a 7 disk auton. 3-4 disk cycles. A 30 pt climb at the end. 108 pts.

First Pick: Team 1806: Provides a 3 disk auton. 12 Full court shots at ~80%. A 50 pt climb at the end. 92 pts.

Second Pick: Team 1706: Provides a 3 disk auton. 21 Full court shots at ~70%. A 10 pt climb. with 2 pyrmaid shots. 83 pts.

Total: 283 points depending on robot blockers and the human players on the teams. The key to this alliance is that 1986 can run quick cycles if the other alliances choose to not defend both full court shooters, but then then one full court shooter gets free reign on the field.

Note: The other Missouri teams 1208(I know they are from “IL” but East St. Louis seams to much “MO” to not include them), 1288, 1730, 1939, 1985, 1987, 2408, 2457, 3284, 3528, and 4522 are all great teams, but I think this combo would put up the most points. The teams from Missouri this year have led me to believe that a blue banner might just get to stay in the state for once.

We only climb for 20 climb + 20 dump. However, I think we could get off more than 12 FCS Shots in a match if we aren’t being defended.

Also, we shall call it the 1XX6 alliance.

Some combination of 254, 1538, 1717, us and 2485.

Michigan is too bloody hard… 33, 67, 469, 1718, 1918, 3539 and many other combinations can put up 200+ points…

33, 67, 1918 could have put up 292 points if 1918 did not fall off the pyramid.

For minnesota id say
2175 - 5 (hopefully soon to be 7) disk auton +4/5 cycles
2169 - 3 disk auton, FCS
and either
2052 or 3883 both fast cyclers with 3 disk auton

all three with ten point hangs
2175 would pick up the misses of the other two or cycle on thier own when thier arent disks on the floor

Same here.

Oregon only has 5 teams going. 955, 1425,1540,4125 and 4488
955 Has a 3 disk auton, shoots for about 3 cycles, and has a 10 point hang - 64 points
1425 Has a 3 disk auton, and is a FCS, and can easily make 15 disks (I’m assuming i’m underestimating here). They also have a 10 point hang - 73 Points
1540 has a 7 disk auton, with about 4 cycles and a 10 point hang - 100 points
4125 I don’t have much information on, but I wouldn’t count them out.
We on 4488 have a 3 disk auton, and we can do about 3 cycles with a 10 point hang - 64 points.

Its hard to pick from just those 5 because any combo of 3 would be an excellent alliance.

Washington 2471 1983 2046

Wisconsin I would say

Then a toss up between 706, 269, and 1259(if they played they way they played Saturday at Wisconsin) I think i’d lean towards 1259 for their 30 point climb 20 point dump. If I wanted defense 269 all the way, they were awesome for us in Wisconsin(Northern Lights too but they didn’t really play D there). If I was looking at offensive fire power with shooting discs I would go with 706.

EDIT: 706, 269, and 1259 aren’t going to champs so I’ll have to come up with a different 3rd team at a later time.


Captain: Team 1902: 3 auto, 5 pyramid cycles @ 90%, 10pt hang - 82 pts

First Pick: Team 180: 3 auto ,3-4 FCS cycles @ 60% and 1-2 pyramid cycles @ 90%, and 10pt hang - 76 pts

Second Pick: Team 801: 4 auto, 3-4 pyramid cycles @ 80%, 10pt hang - 70 pts

This would be 228 points also depending on what the other alliances did. This “all Florida alliance” could look a number of ways as the teams Florida is sending are pretty good this year. You could almost change any of these teams out for 79, 3410, 744 to keep an all offensive mindset or call in 233 or 1251 if you want to run some solid defense.

Nevada…987 and clones (since we are only team from state going to champs this year). :smiley:

New Hampshire

3467:3 auto, 5-6 Cycles and a 30 point climb=63 points
1519:3 auto, FCS into the 2 point goal, 10 point hang=70 points
131:5 3 auto, 5 Cycles and a 10 point hang=43 points

Assuming nothing goes wrong, that’s about 176 points, but keep in mind I am completely estimating the amounts of frisbees scored in teleop.

1v3, if anyone could do it, 987 could.

NJ I think 2590+11+316 or 2016 since both have intakes for potential centerline autons. I’ve heard rumors of 2016 having a 30 point climb for champs.


118 - 7 Disc (or 5 from the center line), cycle or ground pick up, 10 point hang
1477 - Same as above
2468 - 3 in auto, FCS, plus feeding discs to the two ground pick ups, 10 point hang.

Should be able to get 70+ in Auto every time and potential for 90. Nearly every disc will be scored by this alliance, plus stealing discs from the opponents.

There are a lot of Texas teams going but I think this combination has the most offensive capability.

Oddly enough, I don’t think I’d include 1718. While we’re consistent, we’re too much of a one-trick pony.

67 for their climb and dump, and whose misses feed the ground pickups. They also have a fairly solid cycle if fcs is defended. 469 for auto, and ground pickup. If 1918 can get their mechanical issues sorted, I’d end up picking them as a third. They aren’t terribly consistent (yet), but their 30 point climb + 2 colored disks + 2 - 3 runs beats most good cyclers at 5-6 runs on points.

We saw it several times at MSC where teams with too many good cyclers were running out of discs. At that point, you have to fall back on climbing and auton to really bump your score upwards.

There are a few different groupings that could work. You could also switch out 316 for 25 (especially if they get their 30-pt climb going, or rework a 40-pt climb-and-dump like 103), and 11 for 1676. And if you wanted a full-court shooter, you could throw in 303.

I think any California Power Alliance would have to include 254 and 1538. Amazing ground pickups, high potential for a 90 point autonomous and amazing scoring/climbing machines. The third bot would really have to depend on what the alliance is going for. I think both 254 and 1538 would appreciate a robot that can feed discs from the HP station a la 118 at SVR, but said robot also needs to be able to score and climb by itself as well. For this reason, I think 2485 with their full-court-shooting potential as well as large potential to feed its alliance partners would be ideal for this West Coast Wonder of an alliance.

In summary:

254 - Ground pickup/90 point auton, Strong scoring, 30 point climb
1538 - Ground pickup/90 point auton, strong scoring, 10 point climb
2485 - Strong feeding ability, Full-Court-Shooting, 10 point climb

A strong secondary candidate for this alliance would have to be either 1717 or 973, which are both strong scorers, but do not have the capabilities to feed 254/1538 from their scoring position, a skill that makes 2485 special.

2016 has been a little inconsistent i believe, but I haven’t seen them since Bridgewater. A 30 climb would be a definite plus as New Jersey is hardly a climbing state at all as far as teams going to champs go.

As far as my own opinion

  1. 2590 - the best team in NJ and MAR, and also the best ground loader, as long as they don’t jam. Complete with a 10 point hang

  2. 316/2729 - 316 is a ground loader, while 2729 can be a FCS when it wants to with reasonable accuracy, a good combination with Nemesis as seen at MAR champs. Otherwise a great cycler.

  3. 1676/11 - The best pure cyclers in NJ, I don’t know which won I’d choose, they seem to be very similar in skill. Based on what I saw at MAR champs, I’m leaning more towards the Pioneers.

In Oklahoma we were getting 4-5 cycles once we fixed some bugs.