Power Supply

We would like to know if we can replace the power supply for the Operator Interface with one from Radio Shack? While testing our robot last night, it would work for about five minutes then the Operator Interface would reset over and over until we unplugged it. It also became very hot if we left the power supply plugged in for more than two minutes.

You can use whatever power supply you want with the operator interface, just double and triple check that you get the right power supply. Remember, the only one you know is guaranteed to work is the one supplied.

You don’t use this power supply any time during the competition (the “competition” port supplies power to the OI during matches). The only reason for the power supply is for when you want to practice wireless control of the robot, otherwise you can just tether the OI to the RC.

This has question has been asked as long as we have been using this interface. The power supply is not that critical but all teams must remember that it just supplies power to on board power supply circuits. If you interface is getting hot there is something wrong with it not the external supply.
As a test, try powering the OI through the tether. Does it get hot and shut down that way as well? If it does you have a defective OI and it needs to be returned for repair.