Power terminal question for Denso window motors

Trying to figure out how we wire up the terminals coming off the Denso motors - I’ve seen some posts about using female spade connectors, but I found components in the KoP that seem much more well suited if we can figure them out.

There’s a grey housing that clips into the Denso window motor power connector, but it needs to be wired up. Then there are wire ferrules or something that come in a bandolier, and I’m pretty sure that’s what plugs into the grey part. But I can’t figure out how to get them installed - they don’t seem to fit in there regardless of what direction I try to shove them in. Attached are a couple of pictures:

It seems obvious how to attach a wire to the metal crimps that plug into the housing. It also seems that these metal wire crimps ALMOST fit in the grey housing, but there are a couple of tabs that protrude just enough that I can’t get them into the square cutout of the housing without ripping my fingers apart, or trying to deform the metal. Are these crimps supposed to fit into the housing somehow? If so, how?

Push the terminals in from the other side, instead of pulling them through like in your picture.

Most connectors like this are designed so the terminal (with the wire sticking off the back of it) push in from the back, and lock into place with those tabs that are preventing you from inserting it the way you are trying.

We’ve got two of these hooked up with our window motors and they work great!

I’m so happy they’ve finally included them in the kit.

Fill the back with a little epoxy to keep the wires in. You’ll be happy you did.

Thanks for the inputs so far.

We will give it another look tonight, but was having trouble getting them in from either direction yesterday when we tried. I thought these kind of things went in from the back as you mention, but like I said, there are a couple of tabs which seem like they would retain the crimp in the housing, but which are so tall that they are preventing me from getting them into the housing in there in the first place. On the Mouser and Packard sites, these tabs appear to be tapered. The crimp I have looks to have protrusions with squared off edges. Am I looking at this right?

Just took a second look at the pictures… If I remember right, you have the plug backwards - the end the wire is sticking out is the end that goes towards the motor, while the end where the terminal is sticking out is the end the wire should protrude from.

You might be right about that. I misunderstood what you said initially, but now that I look at it I’ve probably got the wire fed in backwards. This could be the source of my problem; I will check tonight and post the results. Hooray for working under pressure!

Okay, that was exactly the problem - I was trying to plug it in backwards. It just went right in with a satisfying ‘click’. I also like the tip of using epoxy to hold this whole assembly together, preventing wires from getting ripped out.

Two more things in the Kit of Parts that we actually understand now.

Thanks all,