power to the cam?

ok everytime i try to go into labview to config the camera and i hit run, i get this, “The application is closing because of a reported error. You should confirm that the correct serial port has been selected. You should confirm that the camera has power and is connected to the PC via serial cable.”, now how the heck do i see if the camera is powered, the pwm out put has power but i dont know if im trying to make a non powered cam to work or not, any help is apreciated

There are three LEDs on the camera board. If any of them are lit, then the camera has power. Make sure they are lit fairly brightly: if they look dim, you may have a drained backup battery.

where are these LEDs i do not see any on the camera board

There are 3 LED’s on the camera, and they’re all right next to the power switch, on the bottom or top, depending on how you have it mounted. Also, make sure you have the NI VISA drivers installed in LabView, you will get that error message if you don’t have those correct drivers installed.

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