Power Up Cheatsheet

Just like I created last year, here’s my cheatsheet for this year’s game. Let me know if something needs to be fixed. Feel free to use/modify this however you want, just give credit if applicable.

Power Up Cheatsheet.pdf (2.78 MB)

Power Up Cheatsheet.pdf (2.78 MB)

Thank you for this! It will be very useful!

Thank you!

Thank you, this is much appreciated and helpful.

Will be used a lot we greatly appreciate from 2849.This helps out with drivers meeting before matches alot

This is great! Team 20 had a penalty sheet last year that was on the backside of this strategy sheet. May want to think about adding this. Just a suggestion.

But yeah, thank you so much for this - 2869 will definitely be using it.


Hi, Andy.

For the gatool, I reverse the orientation of the field so that it aligns with the Game Announcer’s perspective. I’ll take care of that again, but it would be great to put the scoring table at the bottom.