Power UP manual In Spanish

Hello Chief Delphi community,

We’re pleased to announce that the FIRST PowerUP game manual is now available in Spanish!

A special shoutout to the teams and individuals who are helping with this resource:

LamBot 3478
Robotrojans STEAMex 6832
Nautilus 4010
Pink Hawks 6606
E-Hawks 6199
Regiobots 6666
Los Chilis 6955
Corazón De Chileno 2576
Lobotics 5312
Imperator 5887
Faraday 5696
Keybot 5716

Please let us know if you find any mistakes in the translation,

A quick note, the manual is still missing format in certain sections, we will add this later.

And also if you want any other material to be translated to Spanish! (you can send me a PM, too)

Greetings from Mexico, and good luck with FIRST PowerUP!

Thank you to everyone involved in this! As a team with a large Hispanic population, this is a huge help to us. I know that I wouldn’t want to be faced with a 100+ page technical document in a language other than my native tongue!

I do have one question though: as the manual gets updated throughout the season, is there a plan to keep this document up to date?

The plan is to keep the manual updated, but it may take a little while after each update as the teams involved are busy.