Power - UP Strategy

Who else is in love with this game, the strategic aspect is such a massive factor that has been played down in the past couple games. This game is going to really separate the teams who have a strong game play understanding and the teams who can’t see it. The in-game decisions have never been harder and the preparation for every match is so in depth. It appears most of early competition will be dominated by teams who can quickly adapt and therefore good teams will be able to practically win matches before the robots are even put onto the fields.

I love the strategy that this game can bring. One of my all time favorite things in FRC is when you see a strategy or a robot design that you have never seen before and it makes you go “How did we not think of that”? I think the randomness factor in this game does it for me too, because robots are going to be so different and the field can be set up in any way that it will really take alot to win :smiley:

I think we’re going to have to wait to see how this game plays out at events, but this might be the first game designed with strategy in mind. Compare that to the concept of past games:

2010: Score and climb.
2011: Score and race mini-bots.
2012: Score and balance (w/ partner vs w/ opponent could be considered built-in strategy).
2013: Score and climb.*
2014: Good mix up of scoring w/ partners and passing. Had decent strategic options.
2015: Win can wars.
2016: Score and cross defenses (which defense crossed had to be considered for full points/RP).
2017: Place gears and climb. Score fuel if you’re in the top 1% that can get the 40kPa.

I’m not saying that the above games were simple or bad; it’s just that there were only set ways to score. 2011, for example, had teams throwing tubes onto the field and racing mini-bots for the majority of the matches. It was only at MSC eliminations where that strategy changed.

*2013 had two main feeding locations and one main scoring area, but there was no one robot design that did everything. You had full-court shooters, ground pickup shooters, dedicated climbers (with colored frisbees), and feeder station runners. The game strategy generally stayed the same, but individual robot strategy was extremely diverse.

Most FIRST game strategy comes down to “try optimizing one strategy”. With Power Up, it feels like the GDC threw in the Power Ups to make the strategy change between matches. Falling behind on the scale? Use the force Power Up. Have control of both switch/scale? Now’s the time to use the boost. You can even go into matches knowing 1 robot can’t scale but still get full points for it (levitate). It looks like most Power Up matches will have some unique element to it that will make every match different for the audience.

This game feels like a love letter penned by the GDC to strategists everywhere. There is a lot of depth and tons of scoring options. It reminds me a lot of 2014 in that it’s a very open ended “accomplish this goal” challenge, but it’s also now in direct opposition to your opponent, and with more complex robot design. Add on power ups on top of that and the strategy can go VERY deep.

I mean its a love hate relationship. So many mechanics and factors to dissect so little time.

I commented to some team members that this year, the strategists’ nightmares have daymares about the game.

There’s so many different nuances…

Drive coaches and on the fly calling are going to be super important in this game because everything that your opponents do (minus levitate and boost) directly affects your ability to score and a majority of strategy will be designed to counter opposing robots.

This is what I thought as well. This is the game that strategists’ have been both longing for and dreaded.

One of my least favorite things is that people keep asking for a set strategy when you can’t have one for this game. Drive Team has to adapt to what both alliances can do!

Being a strategist I absolutely love this game! You can have a god robot but you aren’t going anywhere without legit game plans.

The way I see it, the all out attack on your switch and scale, putting all 9 cubes in the vault, and 2 climb with 1 levitate should lead to a victory. Defensive robots could be totally useless in qualifications but everything in the eliminations.

Can’t wait to see this play out!

This game honestly reminds me so much of Go. The level of strategic decisions and on the fly thinking is incredible

I love this game as well. It is simple and yet strategy is key because otherwise you are doomed. Also this is a bit off topic but I used a binary translator and it says your name is TU. Why? Is it random numbers or is their a story there that I don’t know or the most likely thing is that I am just looking into it to much