The Powerball Lottery is over $550 million right now, what would you do if you won!

-disclaimer- this is in no way meant to be an encouragement of gambling, it’s just a fun exercise in dreaming.

Fund ALL the underfunded teams!

You know what I would do if I had 550 million dollars? I would invest half of it in low risk mutual funds and then take the other half over to my friend Asadulah who works in securities…


I would buy a nice place for my team to build in. A nice truck to transport the robot back and forth to events and sign them up for as many events as they could stand.
And that’s just for starters.

If I didn’t know any better, Clinton, I’d think you were a responsible adult.

Since I didn’t buy a ticket…oh, wait, that doesn’t really affect the odds against me winning. Which are pretty darn close to zero either way.

I’d build two robots at the same time.

I would hire a couple of efficiency experts to help out the team.

Well I’d have to take half of that because of taxes…

THEN I’d give it to my brother or cousin who are both the managing principals of hedge funds.

Pay student loans, help the parents pay off the house, cars, any debt, etc…

And THEN I would purchase a bunch of stuff for the teams I am involved with. Being able to give away money would be the coolest feeling. A huge warehouse open to all teams with tons of equipment and a field.

I’d pay off the mortgages of my new house, my in-laws, and my parents. Then I’d pay off the student loan debt of a couple of good people I know who’ve decided to take the risk of becoming a doctor, vet, (etc) on their own dime. Then I’d quit my job (even though I really do like it, there are other things I’d like to do). Yea I would. I’d invest $15m in some low-yield low-risk trust fund and live off of dividends for life.

Then I’d purchase some industrial-sized property and setup a trust fund for its continued maintenance (grounds maintenance, property tax, etc) so that it’s paid up for life, for the most part.

With whatever’s left I wouldn’t create a space for my team (gasp!). I’d create a space for my own robot projects that any robotics team could use (you know, VRC/FTC fields, FLL tables, 1 FRC field) when my other pet robot projects didn’t need the space. I’d get my own tooling and some ‘for public robot team use’ tooling, stipulating supervision when using the good stuff (like any machine shop does already, tbh).

It’d be enough space to house local non-profit’s equipment, hold community meetings, etc.

Pretty cool dream, I think.

First, I’d take the $360 million lump sum. Between inflation and investment, it would be much safer. Even after taxes (let’s assume 50%) that’s still $180 million.

I would set aside enough of the money so that I could live off interest indefinitely. Even a 2-3% interest rate on $50 million is still PLENTY to live on. Maybe $30 million more as a “touchable” fund to buy large things (a house, a car, etc).

With the remaining $100 million, I’d pay for school and start a small engineering related business once I graduate. Plenty of funding for a robotics team, of course.

Of course, I would never buy a lottery ticket.

You are invited to the grand opening of the Philadelphia STEAM Factory, a 150,000 sqft facility to support the communities activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The STEAM Factory has a wide variety of hand and power tools along with state of the art 3-D milling machines, plastic and metal printers, water and laser jet cutting facilities. CAD design systems are also available.

The Factory also has a parts inventory that covers building supplies from Andy-Mark, VEX Robotics, Adafruit, Sparkfun, Este Rockets and McMaster-Carr.

Builders will be able to take classes and construct their own designs. Individual storage space is available. The facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is staffed with knowledgeable builders and designers.

For robotics enthusiasts there is a full sized field for VEX, FIRST, BOTBALL and SeaPerch events for practice.

I should be able to blow the entire 500 million in a few years :rolleyes:

Quit my job and start my own business with no loans.

Use it to bribe FIRST into letting me see the game earlier:D In all seriousness pay off loans and mortgages for my family members and use the rest to help me pay for college and get myself into a good situation in post-formal education life.

Too bad I’m not a gambler…or over 18

I’d seek out my rich uncle in Nigeria…


Although it’s never much, I win it on every single draw.

I never play, so I’m a winner every time.

Actually, I read that the odds were only 175 million to one. Far better than zero, even quite a bit better than getting hit by a meteorite.

I dropped $2 on a group ticket at work. If we wn, you are all invited to the party.

I’d put a new radiator in my car, pay off my parent’s house and student loans. Then I would create a scholarship for students who want to pursue non-STEM careers and are involved in FIRST programs. I wish there was more available to me when I was on a team and would love to help those who decide engineering might not be for them. Be the change right?
Oh and I’d buy new uniforms for the Cheerleading squad I coach.

Pay off all my debts. Buy a car. Start my business, invest in my cousin’s business, help my mom start her non-profit, donate the heck out of a fairly large sum (thinking around $1-mil for each selected charity, which for me, would total roughly $15-mil), and invest some for the future. I don’t mind my apartment, so I’d keep that and just do a lot of redecorating.

Anything left would be for toys. Lots and lots of tech toys. :smiley:

The way I figure it, either ya win or ya don’t. A 50/50 proposition.

Since this is fantasy, I won’t worry about conserving any of it.

I’d make a buncha Year 3 and Year 4 teams pretty happy. I know those were the toughest seasons for us.

I’d create a ‘Sports Center’ - style show that highlights different STEM competitions.

And a network to put it on.

I’d take about four(ty?) years and tour the world, Anthony Bourdain-style.

I’d purchase thousands of acres of land and let Nature take its course.