Powercord 869 presents: Volta

FRC Team 869 Powercord would like to present our 2014 Aerial Assist robot: Volta! Extremely proud of this robot, looking forward to hearing everybody’s thoughts! We will be competing at the MAR Clifton and Bridgewater district events (and hopefully MAR Champs) best of luck to all teams!

Everyone who gets a chance, go see this robot. 869 is the Michelangelo of robotic wiring and system organization. This is no exaggeration. Just the ‘clam shell’ feature itself crosses the line from design to art.

Volta looks GREAT! I’m a big fan of this year’s machine.

The ‘clamshell’ feature is incredible. Definitely something to keep in mind for future designs. Nice job 869! Best of luck this season.

Nice!! Love the clam shell part too, nice way to do a battery change. I take it that the plastic pipe is the safety for the launch system?

But I really love the VEX wheel at the end of the “Toro stick”. I’ve always said the best thing about an FRC robot is you can always add a VEX part and make it amazing. :rolleyes:

Looking forward to seeing it in action at the MAR Championship!