Powerhouse Teams Retiring

Hey guys! With the sad loss of team 330, and incredible powerhouse team that will be retiring at the end of 2019, I am wondering what other powerhouse teams have you guys seen take a break or retire from FRC over the past few years? (Powerhouse meaning teams that have made it to Einstein and/or chairmans teams.)


1717 in 2015
40 in 2011


for sure 47, they were 1997 world chairman’s winner

47 is now team 51, they merged with team 65 in 2010.

oh they did?

Sad to see some really good teams take time off. One of my favorite teams was 330, I have seen them at plenty or regionals and championships, definitely a true powerhouse. Other teams that have retired that could be considered powerhouse were Chief Delphi 47 back in 2009, Team 64 in 2005, and eventhough this team wasn’t that old or probably considered a powerhouse team, they were definitely a future powerhouse team, 6314, I was very sad to see that they weren’t competing this year. Through their 2 years of competing they went on to Einstein, and won a RCA. They were definitely a top team for their age group, if not top team of their age group.


64, Gila Monsters. Einstein Finalists in 2005, no longer existing in 2005.

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