Powering a 5V 1A Ethernet Switch to the VRM

So our team received a D-Link 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch from FIRST Choice. We want to use it to communicate between our Raspberry Pi and the Roborio.

However, on the 5V Side of the VRM, there is only a 500mA and 2A option.

Does any other team use this switch? If so, which supply do you guys power it with? Is there any way to step down or step up the amperage from either side?

Use the 2 amp side. The power supply will only supply what the load demands. The amp rating is the maximum.

Thank you. When we got it, i tried putting it into the 5V 2A port, but it wouldnt turn on. I thought at first that i fried the switch, but now it seems like it was defective and DOA.