Powering Brushless motors?

Can you power a brush-less motor like a brushed motor by just connecting power to it or does it have to have the controller and software connected to run?

The NEO’s have a warning (I believe on the box, definitely in the manual) that you should never connect them directly to the battery. So no, you cannot directly connect them to directly to a battery and run them: you would have to use a motor controller.

It has to do with the fundamental differences on brushed vs brushless: brushless needs extra control for the internal magnets, while brushed needs no control, as it has commutators and other fun electromagnetic stuff.

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You can connect them directly to a battery, but only once and it won’t spin.


Watch this video on brushless motors to understand them better.

A controller is essential, because the controller needs to precisely control what coils are powered. This is additionally why the Neo won’t work if the built in encoder is not plugged in.


More accurately, you can connect it directly to a battery as many times as you want. The first time you do it, it is likely that some “magic smoke” escapes from the motor housing and the shaft might jerk a little bit.

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But the second time it’ll sit there smooth as silk


And forever more, it will be totally vibration free :wink:


Thanks for confirming. That’s what I thought I was just making sure.

No you need to use the controller or they will not work ever again

Please do NOT power a brushless motor by plugging it straight into a battery, NEOs strictly forbid this due to the way brushless motors are set up. This isn’t just for NEOs, brushless motors are timed with a unique system different from brushed motors such as the CIM where you simply have coils and magnets.

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