Powering encoders plugged into the MXP

We are going to need a few DIO pins from the MXP for two encoders. Our plan was to pull the 5vdc and grounds from the regular DIO breakout area of the Rio since the encoders that are already plugged in only use one set of power pins for each encoder. Are there any forseen problems with this. We could plug the grounds for the encoders into the MXP since there are a few of them in the mix but only on 5vdc pin. Or do we have to use the 5vdc in the MXP?

The MXP gets the 5 volt rail and ground from the RIO, so drawing encoder power from either will work. However it is probably easier to pull power and ground from the DIO pin headers on the MXP.

We need two 5vdc and the MXP only has one ready to use. Since we are not using all the pins in the DIO header we figure why not use a 2pin socket.

So you have unused DIO pins on the MXP that you want to connect an encoder to, but all of the 5 volt power pins right next to the signal pins are used?