Powering IR Board by PWM

Ok, so there’s several ways to power IR boards:
backup battery
12volt circuit breaker block
pwms in digital inputs or analog inputs

so here’s my question

if we want to power the board via pwm, which color pwm wires link to the V+ and ground of the ir board.

It seems like it would be black to ground and red to V+, but I don’t want to accidentally fry the board because I assumed. Especially because apparently the board is really sensitive to reversed polarity… (has anyone heard of diodes?):ahh:

Team 40 is powering the IR board by the PWM ports, You connect the “+” to red and “-” to black, signal is unused.

OH! well we found out that we would have to plug in the pwm after we turn the robot on. (team update 10)

the pwms are covered with lexan for protection.

we could drill a hole and feed it through everytime we turn the robot on and off, but some ignorant someone may be unaware that they just fried the board by turning the robot of befor removing some random pwm wire…:mad:

SO… i’m ganna try this: a timed delay relay that turns on a few seconds after the robot turns on. :cool: any ideas?

to send 5 volts to the red wire of a relay, you use the relay1_rev instead of the relay1_fwd
(fwd controls the white wire)

you can order them at this site:
if it doesn’t work IM me using AIM my sn is samchauuu
or email me: [email protected]

You can also power them from a spike that turns on after the robot is on and the program starts… thats what i did after we fried the first one