Powering the Jetson TX1

I’ve read several posts about powering the Jetson on a robot, and I still don’t know how I would wire it. The manual states that it requires somewhere between 14.5A and 4.7A. Does this mean I should power the TX1 using the PDP with a 10 amp breaker with 12 volts? Or would that damage the board?

I meant to say fuse instead of breaker.

Here is a good reference on the power needs.

I would highly recommend that you look at buying or building a DC / DC converter to that will keep a constant 12V output when the input voltage drops.

The PDP and VRM are doing this for key parts of the roboRio and Radio to keep from browning out or shutting down as the robot is driving around.

Use your driver station and look at the logs to see how far the voltage drops during normal driving, let alone pushing against another robot.

A DC / DC converter will keep your Jetson from shutting down during a match in the same way the roboRIO is protected.

Let me know if you need help sourcing something like that.

It will be powered from a normal breaker / fuse off the PDP. You can then use the PDP to monitor the current draw from the Jetson.


Sorry that link was for TK, TX take a look at these



Just a clarification - the roboRIO actually takes the raw battery voltage, not a regulated 12V source. The radio is the only part of the official control system that runs off of a regulated voltage source.

Go find our “incomplete guide” and read it.

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