powering two cameras

We want to use two cameras at once. They will be plugged into the D-Link by ethernet, but to power them, they both need 5V. The only 5V is one port on the PDB. Is it legal to split two cables form this? If not, how else can we power two cameras at once?

We have three cameras being powered by the 5V output of the Power Distribution Board. It works fine and we could find no rule against it. The 5V output is rated at 3A. Our three cameras are less than half that.

Check the Q&A, I remember seeing a question about multiple cameras but i don’t remember the answer.

Yes, there is something on Q&A about this (http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=17005&highlight=camera). The problem is is that they do not actually answer the question about how the second camera should be powered, they just say that that is something that a team needs to figure out on their own. Do you think that they would answer the question if it was more specific, such as asking if the second camera could be powered from the same port as the first camera, or if they would answer the same way?

They might answer a question like “Can we power more than one camera from the PD dedicated camera power supply if all other electrical rules are followed?”

I cannot see any rules that prohibits two cameras electrically. However R38.D & R40 are two rules I would check. Also, does not the +5 volt supply on the breakout or DSC also power the camera?

We’ve powered the camera from the DSC before. The old (red) analog breakout could probably do it also. The new (blue) analog breakout is only rated for 0.25 amps, so that would probably not be a good idea.

I don’t see anything specifically mentioning the 5 volt output on the Power Distribution board. This is definitely something that should go through the official &A.

Also, does not the +5 volt supply on the breakout or DSC also power the camera?

Powering 5v cameras from the Digital Sidecar should work, and it looks to me like doing it that way would follow the electrical rules.

In my teams KoP we got a dc(24V) to dc(5V) converter which is what i am using to wire up the camera this year… Just a suggestion

We got a 12v to 5v converter, but we’re using it to power the Dlink wifi bridge, as required by the rules.