Powerpole Distribution Board FRC Legal?

Is this power pole distribution board FRC legal? I couldn’t find anything in regards to this online.

There’s nothing inherently illegal about that board. But there are plenty of illegal things you can do with it.


If you want to break out multiple custom circuits, or fans, or VRMs/PCMs off of one PDP breaker, this is a neat way to do it.

As you ponder legal uses, be sure they don’t clash with any of the rules in section 9.7, especially R52 and R41. (emphasis mine)

R52 Each branch circuit must be protected by one and only one circuit breaker on the PDP per Table 9-3. No other electrical load can be connected to the breaker supplying this circuit. [table follows]

R41. All circuits, with the exceptions of those listed in R46 and R48, must connect to, and have power sourced solely by, a single protected 12VDC WAGO connector pair (i.e. the Load Terminals, as shown in Figure 9-9) of the one (1) CTR Electronics Power Distribution Panel, not the M6 cap screws

OBTW, I looked at this and decided not to use it for my non-FRC electrical projects because it does not provide any protection for the circuits.

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