Powershot welder problem

Ok have a powershot welder and there is a problem with the wire feed motor power wire. The wire was burned and broken when I opened the case. I repaired the wire and when I turned the welder on the wire feeder was turning. I noticed this instantly because I was not pressing the trigger. I took the gun apart and the contacts were good and not touching. I pressed the contacts together and as soon as I did that the wire that I just repaired broke again. Note…the wire got so hot that it melted the solder…
Once the wire broke the wire feeder stopped. I tried to manually connect the wire and it made a big arc and I think the motor turned back on, I can’t remember because it was for a brief second then I removed the wire. Anyone have any idea what the problem is? I think I’m going to run a separate wire tomorrow to see if it still happens. Thanks.

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It sounds like something else in the wiring is misconnected or short circuited. If you can, just return this lemon and get them to send you another one. If not, you’ll need a full wiring diagram to find where the problem is.

The wire overheating and the motor turning uncommanded is a problem that MUST be identified before you do anything else. A new wire will NOT solve anything.

Check the cabinet or search the interweb to find the wiring diagram. Call the manufacturer if necessary. Use logic and your understanding of how things work to deduce the possible cause. Then test to verify your conclusion.

I suspect a failed component, assuming nothing was mis-wired and the item operated normally before.

It would be best for you to find someone with practical experience in the construction and repair of electrical and electronic equipment to look at your welder, in person. It is highly likely that there are significant clues that you don’t recognize so you are not describing them online. This will lead to people you contact online giving you suggestions that are inappropriate for your actual situation.

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