PPE and COVID-19

My recent experience with former students working in hospitals is they need PPE. There are lots of designs for face shields and some require 3D printing. Other in our group (118, 1477, and 148) are working on designs that are 100% water-jet cut. 3D printing takes time but can fill the need until the faster processes are online.

My goal with this post is to connect medical personnel around the country with teams or companies that have manufacturing capabilities that can help. Here is an real life example.

I am looking for someone that can 3D print PLA in the Philadelphia area. Please send me a private message through CD or at mr.rip@texastorque.org.

That’s it. This is not the place to discuss what works and what doesn’t. As an example, there has been quite a bit of discussion about whether open top face shields are suitable. The Chief Medical Officer at a local hospital says he wants 100 to 300. Good enough for me.

I am personally looking for help in several areas because I have many students around the country working in the medical field. I am also working with someone administering the Million Mask Challenge and they have a need for non-medical parts to speed up the production of surgical masks.

I have tried messaging several teams directly, through the web-page contacts, to no avail. This seems more efficient. If a team isn’t available in that particular area, we will do what we can by shipping what we can to them.

Mr. Rip


I really am looking for someone that can 3D print PLA in the Philadelphia area. Please send me a private message through CD or at mr.rip@texastorque.org.

I am looking for someone that can 3D print near Ontario, CA. Please send me a private message through CD or at mr.rip@texastorque.org.

I am looking for someone that can 3D print near Arlington, VA. Please send me a private message through CD or at mr.rip@texastorque.org.

I am looking for someone that can 3D print near Shreveport, LA. Please send me a private message through CD or at mr.rip@texastorque.org.

I just sent you an email.

An alternative face shield design we have tested with our local hospitals uses no 3D printing and can be made very quickly for $2 a piece with our current source material.

To build face shields, this is what I’m using:

8x12x0.010 sheet of polycarb or petg
8" strip of foam with adhesive (1" thick)
10" piece of hook velcro
10" piece of loop velcro

Velcro is stapled directly to the shield on either side at the top. The foam is centered across the top.

The bottom corners of the shield can be radius cut if necessary. The shield has been tested to not fog up and is more comfortable to wear than the current 3D printed models circulating the internet.


My brother told me that they are running out of PPE since they need to get rid of it on a daily basis.

I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over.

can you please post a photo?


This was just posted on GeekWire, 3D printable face masks. Watch video for instruction.

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I am using a design I found on twitter through looking at Prusa stuff. It took inspiration from the 3d printed headband and looked to make it accessible to non-3d makers, with easy to obtain parts. Here is an instructable for it: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-PPE-Face-Shield-3D-Printer-Not-Needed/

And the parts I used add up to <$1 per shield.

I have local hospital supply chain person ok’d us to donate this style and we are planning to make 200 face shield, though they pointed us to this link as something they had interest in which has some similarities: https://open-face-website.now.sh/

Also, the maker has a twitter account (Gimme Builds) and is adding some improvements there, like a yet to be documented top shield.

FRC Team 1477 Texas Torque, along with 118 Robonauts and 148 Robowranglers, have started a GoFundMe to mass produce face shields 100% water jet cut. VEX Robotics is donating the cutting.

One 750 foot roll of plastic will make about 2800 face shields and costs $5000. We have been able to purchase three so far and are looking nationwide for more. We are looking for clear PC or PETG or anything else that will work, 020 to 030 thick. 040 might work.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe.

It turns out difficult to find teams available to 3D print parts and match them with an area in need. If you are willing to 3D print parts and ship them elsewhere, probably less than $20 per batch total, email me.

Mr. Rip


Our school donated our 3D printers to Notre Dame as they have the infrastructure and man power to mass produce PPE. However our Pit Coach and media team put this project together.

FRC 2930, the Sonic Squirrels, wants to help produce PPE with their 3D printer. We are looking to join a group who is already producing face shields, mask parts, or “ear savers” and print for that group. We do not have the ability to produce clear sheets for face shields. Producing in or for the Snohomish County area or north King (in Washington state) is preferred. We are currently using PLA in our Ultimaker 3D printer. The PPE we print is uncertified by the medical community. Contact is susan.dole@gmail.com 650-224-6506.

For your problem of not being able to make the plastic sheets yourself there is a web site where you can buy them from: https://www.papergala.com/collections/faceshields and these correspond with this NIH certified design: https://3dprint.nih.gov/discover/3dpx-013309 which will also solve the problem of them being uncertified.

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I forwarded this post to a friend near Pittsburgh, asking if he knew any teams in phily willing to print.

and I know this isn’t what this thread is for, but could you possibly link or dm me your design? a few teams in my area (including mine) have access to a water jet, and might be interested in cutting some for our local hospitals.

Thanks, this helps a lot. :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen this posted on CD yet but I’ve been 3D printing hundreds of these over the past few days and the feedback from healthcare professionals has been very positive. Many are having to wear N95 masks for 12+ hours a day now and the elastic bands are absolutely killing their ears. Consider seeing if your local folks need these, they print very quickly & easily. There are two sizes as well, the smaller one should fit really any 3D printer on the market -




I have printed a couple dozen of the V2 of the smaller ones (check the nih link) on my Monoprice Mini Delta (a.k.a. Little Fella) 3 at a time and they take about 12-15 minutes. My wife (she is a nurse) took them to work today and said they work well. I wiped each one down with a disinfectant wipe prior to bagging in a ziploc bag. I am printing in PLA and Duramic PLA+.

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