PPE and Safety Devices External to the Robot

I just posted to the Q&A:

Relative to T25 and prior Q&A rulings on its scope:

  1. I don’t see anywhere that PPE such as gloves or safety devices such as special hooks/clamps are allowed to be used to lift, carry and place the robot on the field. Are these disallowed by T25?

  2. If a “remove before flight” pin is used to constrain a preloaded spring as a safety device to prevent injury in case of premature deployment, can we leave it in until the robot is placed on the field, or must we remove it prior to entering the arena?

  3. Relative to G59, may a part of the robot be used to remove the minibot from the tower if it stays within the 84 inch diameter allowable cylinder during use (for instance, a hook on a tether which is mounted inside the envelope), or is that considered special equipment?