PPE and safety equipment for Teams

What is your teams favorite brand and types of PPE and safety equipment?

Goggles, Glasses, Gloves, Earplugs, Tweezers, first aid, battery spill. The works!

Our team has a massive random assortment and it’s hard to inventory or manage. We have random first aid kits but plenty to go around, etc.

If you could make up your dream PPE and Safety setup what would you pick and why?

Do you tape off areas in your lab with Vinyl Tape for work footprints? What brand, colors for what purpose?

Ideally we would have a standard issue pair of regular safety glasses, over the glasses, side shields and then kids glasses for pit visits. Do teams usually assign a pair per student or all glasses are communal?

Edit: all thoughts, ideas and suggestions definitely welcome! If someone is curious I don’t have a “budget” in mind. Dream big!

We have a safety & ppe cabinet. It contains both ppe, first aid kit, battery spill kit and etc. Everyone in workshop just take a random goggle, glove and hearing protection from the cabinet and use them for the rest of the day. Just before closing workshop everyone clean their equipment in a sterilization device then just put them back. We prefer 3M for hearing protection and for other stuff we use local brands. For general safety we have 3 fire extinguishers located at the corners of the workshop and emergency panel(fire hose&hydrant and emergency power cut off&fire alarm buttons) on the wall.
I think to make the area safer having a seperator between machines and working area is a good idea which we couldn’t make it work.

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As far as Safety Glasses, my team generally buys these glasses although in a larger pack I can’t find right now. We get the red ones because team color.

Also, I personally have a pair of [https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-Clear-Safety-Glasses-Anti-Scratch-Lenses-48-73-2010/315124429](https://these glasses). They’re anti-fog which was nice for masking at competitions last year.

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Add hair ties to your PPE. You would be surprised the number of times a long haired individual will lean over an enabled bot with a moving intake for a better view of the problem. Or begin using a power tool where their hair can get caught.